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    Uses of 1,1-cyclohexyldiacetic acid, 1,1-cyclohexyldiacetic acid monoamide

    2021-03-17 09:34:09

    1,1-cyclohexyldiacetic acid and 1,1-cyclohexyldiacetic acid monoamide are necessary intermediates for the synthesis of the new antiepileptic drug gabapentin. At present, the commonly used anti-epileptic drugs in China are phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproic acid, primidone and so on. These drugs generally have one or another deficiencies in terms of effects, etc. Some patients cannot control their disease with existing drugs, and some patients have to stop the drugs because the existing drugs cannot tolerate them. Compared with similar products currently used, gabapentin has fast oral absorption, good tolerance and good effect. It is not metabolized in the body, does not bind to plasma proteins, does not induce liver enzymes, can cross the blood-brain barrier of the human brain, and has a low possibility of interacting with other anti-epileptic drugs. It is used as a superimposed drug for refractory epilepsy. Especially prominent. In recent years, the foreign medical community has continuously conducted in-depth research on it, and found that it can be used for other purposes in addition to anti-epileptic diseases, and its scope of use is expanding. These advantages make gabapentin have great potential for market development, and the demand for gabapentin intermediate 1,1-cyclohexyldiacetic acid will also increase day by day.



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