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    The chemical properties and main application fields of Sodium Ferrocyanide

    2021-03-17 08:32:56

    There is basically no difference between Potassium Ferrocyanide and Sodium Ferrocyanide. In terms of color, the sodium cyanide salt is light yellow crystals (the lemon yellow monoclinic crystals form needle-like crystals.) The potassium cyanide salt is a lemon yellow monoclinic crystal powder or granular. The solubility of potassium yellow blood salt is slightly greater. It is easy to hydrolyze under neutral and weak alkaline conditions, see light decomposition. Load the brown reagent bottle, drop the hydrochloric acid.


     Sodium Ferrocyanide mother liquor contains  Sodium Ferrocyanide, sodium carbonate, sodium formate and other substances, the composition is complicated and difficult to handle. Sodium formate can be used in the drilling industry, but sodium formate in the mother liquor of  Sodium Ferrocyanide has low effective components and is difficult to use directly. The use of reduced pressure concentration method and direct drying method to treat the mother liquor of  Sodium Ferrocyanide can increase the sodium formate content in the wastewater and meet the requirements of the drilling industry.


     Sodium Ferrocyanide salt has become a new target for some investors, mainly by analyzing the strategic trends of mainstream companies, investment dynamics, investment enthusiasm of new entrants, market entry strategies, etc., to judge the changing trend of the future competitive landscape of the Sodium Ferrocyanide.



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